Inspect. Maintain. Protect.


AMPMAR Specialists is changing the way that long term building management is done. AMPMAR works collaboratively with property managers and owners, to implement proactive and cost effective strategies that maintain and protect asset values.

Our innovative Inspection and Maintenance Program (IMP) allows our clients to plan for and control their future. Every property is different and has its own unique needs. Our scalable  model allows us to easily custom configure strategies and plans to effectively manage and protect assets regardless of size or scope. This Inspection and Maintenance Program (IMP) is a comprehensive management system including many important elements ranging from archival information visibility to contract capital repair management all through a single source. IMPs help asset managers sustain and maximize the value of their assets.



  • Comprehensive process and plan for building inspections and condition appraisals
  • Plan, prioritize, budget, execute and report on maintenance or repair plan
  • Stop Problems before they happen
  • Preventative Action



  • Maintenance plan, priorities, and budget
  • Allocate, schedule, contract, manage maintenance and repair work
  • Establish emergency response connections on each property



  • Plan for preventative Maintenance 
  • Execute preemptive plan
  • Report on execution of preventative maintenance plan
  • Archive Historical Records of Property including warranty’s and other capital improvements records


Why us?

  • Standardized approach
  • Central archive of property information
  • Easy to understand presentation of information
  • Collaborative approach with your team
  • Scheduled proactive inspections to minimize emergency needs and costs
  • Client centered needs versus contractor focused approach